Blauwe fonds

Het Blauwe fonds


Freedom is vulnerable and the acceptance of the LGBTQ community – yet again- is under pressure.

On the one hand gays are openly active in vital parts of our society. Gay men and women hold leading positions in corporations, in business and in public office without having to deny their sexuality. There has been progress across the spectrum from politics to religion that would have been unthinkable 30 years ago.

People who identify as gay, lesbian, bi, transgender and queer contribute and leave valuable legacies! But a push back is underway. The Blue Fund (Het Blauwe Fonds) is a network that aims to support LGBTQ emancipation through bundling of resources, capital and knowledge. This is a nonexistent new approach. The Blue Fund works to preserve and to progress these issues and to secure an open world for generations to come. Solidarity across generations!

Although we have achieved much in the Netherlands, especially in official terms – we can even get married – problems in society are still abundant. Teachers and pupils are less at ease being themselves in school, homophobia and aggression against the whole LGBTQ community is on the rise. Suicide among young gays is disturbingly high. By some definitions, public issues are bigger than they were ten years ago.

Upon reflection, we concluded that this situation is sadly less surprising than expected. Homosexuals are of course a minority and minorities will always be reliant on the majority. Minorities that depend on moral judgments about sexual freedom will – without doubt – be subject to societal intolerance, making the defense of gay emancipation and civil rights a permanent necessity. This implies the stride for tolerance and even acceptance will never be fully concluded.

Legacy and donations

Entities and organizations that pursue an open world for the LGBT community are often strapped for funds. And yet, their efforts are of the greatest importance. Governmental subsidies are not sufficient. Fund raising for the support of gay emancipation therefore remains of the highest urgency, especially over the longer term. A fund with sound and clear goals combined with a solid and transparent structure is part of the holistic solution. The Blue Fund is part of that solution. The Blue Fund is not an activist organization in its own right but collects and manages donations and inheritances making the returns available to, among others,  the support of emancipatory and innovative activities – that are not necessarily commercial – but that focus on study, research and the distribution of information, education and upbringing and that concentrate on safe guarding and strengthening the full citizenship and societal acceptance of all gay men and women, of all ages. The fund focuses on three pillars: the elderly, coming out, and intolerant communities.

Executive Board and Friends of the Blue fund

The Blue Fund is a foundation with an Executive Board. The Blue Fund also maintains a network of Friends who act as conduits to further the goals of the fund through personal contacts and relationships as well as donations. A number of gatherings are held each year for and on behalf of the Friends of The Blue Fund. The Fund aims to cooperate with organizations that focus on cultural and scientific activities that support an open society

The Executive Board

Dennis Boutkan (chairman) management consultant
Brendan O’Dell (boardmember) consultant
Ibrahim Cirak (treasurer) banker at ING Bank
Jaus Muller (boardmember) officer at the military

Supervisory Board

Olaf Sleijpen, (chairman) DNB|The Dutch Bank
Jan Driessen Owner Q&A| Communicatie
Ernst Nijkerk, CEO of Nijkerk Holding
Peter Bost

Founding Fathers

Coos Huijsen, historian, author, former MP and schooldirector
Tom Mikkers, preacher
Ernst Nijkerk, CEO of Nijkerk Holding


Martin van Gelder
Arthur Japin
Arthur van Schendel
Lank Bos